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Event Sponsor – Support Milana by sponsoring the whole event either by sponsoring auditorium cost or event expenses. Milana celebrates 3 cultural events and 1 Ganesha habba. Sponsors name/Company will be announced during the event and announced in Milana website and Nudi Milana, Milana magazine For sponsorship question please talk to Milana President (Suresh Krishnaiah Email: [email protected])

Program Sponsor – Support Milana by sponsoring visiting artist renumeration or travel cost. Your support helps Milana. Sponsors will get front row seat for the event and will have first opportunity for photo opportunities with artist/s. Sponsors name/Company will be announced during the even, website and announced in Milana Magazine. For sponsorship question please talk to Milana President (Suresh Krishnaiah Email: [email protected])

Magazine Sponsor – Milana releases it’s members only magazine Nudi Milana which contains articles contributed by Milana members and their family. The magazine also contains sponsor ads and coupons which helps to reach Milana members. Magazine is made available online for members to access. Please talk to Nudi Milana co-ordinator (B.K Chandrashekar Email: [email protected]) for sponsorship question


Food Sponsor – Under this program Milana members who want to share their milestone occasions (just to name a few are birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation) with the rest of community are welcome to make monetary contributions starting from $50 to $100 or more. These donations go towards the food expenses for the events. The sponsors in this category will be listed in “Nudi Milana” magazine

Events examples for this are – birth of a new baby, wedding, graduation, anniversaries, parents visits.


Photobooth Sponsor – Milana has set benchmark in having members creating flagship photobooth where members take pictures with Karnataka landmarks. The picture is shared with members who take pictures. By sponsoring for this sponsors logo will be displayed in the background for all photos in the photobooth. This will go a long way in memories of Milana members and their family/friends. Photobooth cost – One year for 3 events $600 and individual event $200.

Please talk to Milana Marketing Lead (Konda Reddy Email: [email protected])  for pricing options.


Vendor Booth – Opportunity for commercial enterprises to show case their products to the members at events. This sponsorship is valued at USD 500 to 1000 per event for 2016.  The sponsors can have a display table near the “reception”.  Meeting with members, handing out promotional product samples / broachers, membership opportunity and sale of products is allowed without solicitation.  Each sponsor in this category will get to advertise on the screen for a max of 60 to 120 seconds. Sponsor details will be displayed in Milana magazine Nudi Milana. For sponsorship option please talk to Marketing lead Konda Reddy ([email protected])


Movie Sponsor – Milana provides opportunity for sponsoring screening Kannada movie. Sponsorship can be covering theater rental cost or screening cost. Please talk to Milana Committee President (Suresh Krishnaiah Email: [email protected]) for sponsorship opportunity. Your support helps bringing Kannada movies to Wisconsin and promoting Sandalwood


Coupons Sponsor – Milana and its members are a part of a much larger Indian origin people in Wisconsin. Therefore, Milana offers the opportunity for its sponsor trade organizations to reach the membership and beyond through dedicated discount coupons. Coupons can be part of the advertisements or separate pieces of coupons. These opportunities cost on event basis. Please talk to Milana Secretary (B.K Chandrashekar Email: [email protected]) for pricing options.

For any questions, please contact Milana Committee members Email: [email protected]