Committee’s Message – Sankranti 2016

Milana Kannadigare, 
Sankranthi is fast approaching and we have some good news for you.

  1. Sankranthi 2016 will be held at Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, Pewaukee (please confirm the evite)
  2. Registration for cultural program is open online :
    • Last date for registration is 2/18 EOD
  3. Milana has new website
    • Very soon we will be re-routing to and This way we will maintain still within us.
      • The website is undergoing some minor modifications. If you have any feedback please send to [email protected]
        •We have tried to include previous website information and contents and new info to it.
    • In the new website we will have information for members registration,new members enquiry which will enable us to better communicate with Milana Community
      Very soon we will have members to write blog information under articles section
    • has multiple Kannada Associations under it’s belt for website maintenance. Going with them for website maintenance and update helps to increase online revenue going forward.
    • Please review the website and any feedback is welcome. Your feedback helps Milana look better (send your feedback to [email protected])
  4. Sponsorship

Milana is run by membership fees, donors and sponsors. We need Milana Kannadigas help in helping us to get sponsors. If you know any institutions, restaurants or business establishments willing to sponsors please request sponsorship for Milana. Thanks to some of Milana members/previous Committee members who have helped us in getting sponsors for this year. We need all Milana members to join effort in this initiative. This sponsorship amount will help us to plan for some initiatives

Going forward we will try to provide information through website and monthly updates by the Committee. A new communication team will be setup which will bring Milana closer.

If you would like to reach out to Milana Committee please email to [email protected] or contact us through website.



Milana Committee 2016-2017

Email: [email protected]